You are the one who will open the door.

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You and I are the same.

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trails launch day ramble


blog blog blog but I just wanna say I’m really grateful we have Sara as our programmer for our PC games. She’s got so much talent and it really, really amazes me how she’s always willing to work so hard for us and make our games like, even better than they were in Japan. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to work together with her on all of our projects so far and I hope I can keep working together with her on all of our future projects.

For Trails especially, I’m also really grateful to two big fans of the Kiseki series as a whole who go by omgfloofy and Varion. Both of them helped me QA this title and they weeded out a ton of bugs and translation issues that had cropped up. They know so much about the overall series canon that I spent way too much time while working on Trails in the Sky PC analyzing lines and double-checking canon with them and then just plain talking about it in good fun. I learned that I now love Agate, Mueller and Toval and everything hurts I know a lot more about the Kiseki universe thanks to them and it makes me feel a little more confident about diving into the world itself. I’ve become a big fan at this point. 

Varion especially has perfect Japanese and I probably spent more time than I should have sending him lines and going, “This doesn’t sound right, what does it actually say?” but he addressed each and every one of them. Thanks for being so patient with someone like me and helping me adjust lines. 

When we started Trails in like, September or October, I don’t remember when, it seemed like it was going to be another simple project like Ys and that turned out to be wrong as hell. It was a huge struggle, but it taught me a lot about stepping up and taking control over a project. I learned a lot more about communicating directly with Sara on a daily basis and delegating work and generally taking charge and keeping records and organizing updates and just a whole mountain of stuff. I’d also never worked with script files before, but because the programming side was hellish enough, I asked Sara if I could deal with the script files so she wouldn’t have to input all the text changes herself. Definitely a good learning experience.

If you guys are enjoying Trails and know Sara, Floofy or Varion, I really urge you to give them a big thank you because they all kicked ass on this particular project (Sara continues to kick ass, even, addressing bugs within the hour and more) and this project would have never come to be what it is without them. It was a small, but incredibly effective, team. 

You should also thank Jess (HProtagonista), the editor for the 2011 PSP version of Trails, because obviously this wouldn’t have happened without her either! You need a good script for a game like this and she edited one many remember fondly. I don’t know anyone who could have written stuff like the Carnelia novels better, and she really brought out the lead characters’ personalities. Estelle especially shines. No one could have made her sound more ‘Estelle’ in English. I’m glad she was lead editor for Trails.

Sorry if this is all a ramble… I really just wanted to thank the core people from this project because (I know I’ve said this a few times elsewhere) it’s just surreal to me that Trails in the Sky is really, truly, finally out. So many late nights and weekends went into it. It’s like that feeling of beating a game you’ve put all your heart into and thinking, “What am I gonna do after this? How can I possibly do something more meaningful than this?” It’s like that. I’ll still put more time into Trails as I read feedback, but we crossed the finish line and it is a crazy feeling.

Anyway, that’s it!

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All right, it’s a new day, we’ve got a new ship—

it’s time to set sail and conquer the world!

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Kingdom Hearts from A-Z

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barcelona couch by mies van der rohe

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Guardian of the Sky, Guardian of the Sea

It’s common knowledge that Ho-Oh is based on the mythical “phoenix”, while Lugia is based on the legend of the… uh…  ”whale-dragon-bird-thing-that-has-wings-but-not-real-wings-they-are-like-hand-wings”.

Thanks to ShadeofShinon for this beautiful fan art!

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For Oihane! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so nice to me, even though we barely talk and making my requests and just being an awesome person~ ❤ 

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